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6 Ultimate Reason why you must invest in Stock  Market 

Before the start investing in stock market you should know why you have to invest in Stock Market.

In this article I will tell you 6 Reason why you nest invest in Stock Market .

Invest in share market is most popular way to get real money . Many people are earning lacs in month from stock market  .

If you are thinking any investment who can beat inflation so that is best place .

Below I cover 5 reason why you should invest in Stock Market . And also give some good idea about investment .

6 Reason why you must invest in Stock Market

1) Invest to grow your money :-

Invest in stock market is best way to grow your money fast . If you deposit your money in bank so they will only give you 7-10 % return on your investment . 

But in other way if you invest in share market so easily you can earn 20-30% return . 

Which will give fast growth to your investment.

That is a reason you should invest in share markets .

2)  They can beat inflation :-

That is only a one way who can beat inflation for  longer. Now a day inflation is a biggest problem for every person .

But if any people invest in stock market and they can easily beat inflation  .

So that is the second reason you should invest in stock market .

3) Diversify Your Investment :-

For any investment diversification is most important that can recduce the risk and give good return .

That is the benifis of diversification so in any other investment you can't get this thing .

Stock market diversify your investment according stock , along with low risk high risk , government bonds , corporate bong , debt investment ipo and so many other thing by that you can diversify your fund .

4) To Dream Big in Life :-

Investing in stock market is one of the best path to chase your dream . 

I have serval who made million rupay from stock market .

Everyone has a big dream they want to fulfill but they don't know how to achieve this so stock market is place where you can achieve your goal in short term period .

Suppose Ram  and Krishna are two brother and both are investing in different-different place .

Ram is IT person who is investing in IT stocks . Krishna is a teacher who is investing in Bank Deposite .

After two year Ram get 40% return from stocks and Krishna get only 7% interest on their investment .

So that is fourth main reason why you should invest in Stock Market .

5) Invest in Stock Market for regular income :- 

Dividend stock are available in share market  they pay you real hard cash on your investment . 

If your getting half yearly , yearly that will help you in your financial goal . 

That is the one important reason to work in stock market . 

6) Invest in Stock Market for safe investment :-

Everyone needs safe investment where there is no risk of froud, so that is best place for investment . 

Stock market is operated by SEBI (Security Exchange Board Of India ) and it's a central government organisation . 

That is some reason for that you should invest in share market and can grow your money fast and in simple way . 

If you have any questions about this article you can contact me on instagram . 

Thanks for giving your valuable time to me . 

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6 Reason why you must invest in stock market - Smart Working