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Close Ended Mutual Fund 

Mutual Fund is the best way for investment. There are two type of mutual fund on the Base of structure close ended and open ended . Today we will discuss what is Close Ended Mutual Fund .
What is Close Ended Mutual Fund
What is Close Ended Mutual 

What is Close Ended Mutual Fund #:-

These fund issue a fix number of share that traded on Stock Market . When share is sold , the fund does not issue new share .

This fund is for a fixed period of time in which your fund locks for that time.

Unit of close ended fund can be buy or sell through broker . Price of NAV be obtained by from news paper and website.

The value of mutual fund is increase when the interest and dividend earned on investment are added in fund .

Stock price and debt interest when increase then value of fund is also increase .

How Close-Ended Mutual Fund Work #:-

These funds have fixed period and fixed number of unit. The Net Asset Value of this fund does not change on daily basis . 

One has to invest in lump sum amount at the time of NFO (new fund offer ) . 

Invester do not have any option to buy or sell after NFO close . Exiting holder also can not exite there position till term end. 

Open-ended investment allow to Invester to buy or sell any time but there is specific rule to inter and exite at special time .

If any person want to exite there position in between term so they can exite with some penalty .

When the fund term has been end then your all about has been transfer in your account .

As compare to other investment this fund is good because there you will get lum sum amount .

Advantage of Close Ended Mutual Fund #:-

Professional Manager :- These investment is managed by professional fund manager .
This expertise allow to Invester to invest in market .

Theme Based : This Funds is usual invest on basis of theme so that can give you huge return in short period of time .

Flexibility :- Due to lock in period sudden redemption is not allow so this is give better flexibility to mange funds .

Asset allocation :- This fund is invest at least 50-60 stock so that can reduce risk and also good asset allocation to the funds.

Disadvantage of Close Ended Mutual Fund #:-

No SIP :-  There is no SIP plan available in this fund because there one time investment in lum sum . It's problem for those type of people who depend on their monthly salary they can't invest in this scheme . 

Lock In Period :- This scheme have lock in period , it mean when you required emergency fund at that time you can't whitdraw it . If you want withdrawal so you have to pay penalty for that. 

Lum Sum Investment :-  For start in this scheme there large amount is required .
A small person can't arrange this fund and they can not easily work in this fund .

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Conclusion :-

Close Ended scheme is for fixed period of time . Once you invest in lum sum then you have to wait for 3 to 5 year . We can't exite their position in between term . 

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