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Who regulates Mutual Funds in India  

Now a day mutual fund is the best option for investment and there is low risk with high return, but do you know who regulates mutual funds in India.

Who regulates mutual funds in India, www.smartworking1.in
Who regulates mutual funds in India 

What is Mutual Fund #:-

Mutual fund are investment products available for those type of investor who don't want direct investment in stock market. 

Invester can invest money through mutual fund in different-different type of asset class like in equity, gold , real state  and commodity. 
Who regulates mutual funds in India, www.smartworking1.in

 Invester can diversify their investment even with small amount they get expore in gold , real state through mutual fund . 

It mean mutual fund is a financial process , in that anybody can investment with their small amount of investment and they can get explore in gold, real estate and many other sector. 

Mutual fund is operated by expert fund managers who will invest your collective fund according to the investment objective.

Who regulates mutual funds #:-

Mutual fund  are primary regulated by 
  SEBI regulation is called SEBI (mutual fund ) regulation 1996. According to this act SEBI can regulate mutual fund scheme , 
amendments made from time to time,structure and many of the other thing SEBI can change .

So SEBI have full right to change in any mutual fund at any time without any permission , and also protect investor intresed in market that is also a important work of SEBI.

Apart from SEBI their is many other regularty body who is regulate mutual fund in India. RBI( Reserve bank of India ) is also regulate in some of spefic areas and can change in anywhere.

In international scheme and forex market in mutual fund handle by RBI. Banking issue of mutual fund is also regulated by RBI.

AMFI(accosicaition of mutual fund in India ) is the industry body fof M.f. All meter related to M.f. Can solve in AMFI.

It is mainly established for the procticting intresed of the Invester in M.F.

That all corporate body is regulate Mutual fund in India.

Type of Mutual fund in India #:-

There are two type of M. F. In that we can investment according to the over condition.

1.  Open-ended M.f.
2. Close-ended M. F.

M. F. Scheme are allow to invest in two way open-ended and Close-ended . Open-ended M.F. Allow to the Invester to invest in addition Unit and redemption at any time from current NAV . Close-ended scheme allow to the Invester at specific time and also redemption according to the scheme.

Close-ended are fix for a time period. Its offer unit only at the time of New Fund offer.

We can buy and sell the unit of Open-ended M. F.  NAV at stock exchange if they are listed on exchange.

Open-ended and close-ended is the main types of M.F. Apart from this there are many type of mutual fund available according to the investment , risk , Segment .
M. F. Is indirect investment in stock market if you direct investment in stock market so read this post .

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Conclusion #:-

Mutual fund is financial process that is collect money from small Invester and invest in different-different stock , real state , gold and many other . 

If you are want to safe money for your children education , wedding and any other purpose so it's a right place because Mutual fund is invest according to the fund manager. 

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