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  What is Commodity Trading 

If you want to work in Commodity Market and you don't know What is Commodity Trading and how to work in this mega market . 

So today I tell you what is Commodity market and how to get Profit from this . 

Invester are invest in different-different market but commodity is one of the market there you can earn good return .

Commodity is alternative platform for trading , if any working in equity and commodity both so they can diversify their investment .
What is Commodity Trading
What is Commodity Trading 

People can earn more then equity market so you should work in Mcx .

Let's find out more about commodity Segment 

What is Commodity Market #:-

Commodity is group of goods that is a important part of over countries  like oil, foods , Gold , Silver, Gas and many other things . 

Commodity is oldest method to do trading in India since many year person are working in this .

Commodities is are exchangeable . Invester can also work in physical commodity market .

In Commodity there is number of item available for trading and there is different lot size is also available so according to that you can buy or sell . 

How to Work in Commodity in India #:-

Commodity is work only demand and supply , in order to understand Mcx Market you should know about demand and supply work. 

 Supply is effect by many of the reasons like price , any government policy , economy of country and many other . 

Demand is depend on the public , is effect by whether , customer behaviour , income that is some factor that effect demand in the market . 

For Example : Oil is a part of Mcx Market we can understand demand and supply with the help of crude oil .

Whenever crude demand increase in the market and production is going decrease so crude price go up.

Supply depend on the production once production is running well then supply will increase and supply increase then price can go down .

Similar all commodity item are working . 

What are Commodity Future #:- 

Commodity future is agreement between buyer and seller for a specific date. Bullions , Base mettle and energy are three future areas of commodity .

What is Commodity Time In India #:-

Trading time is 9.A.M. to 11.30 P.M. In India for working in Commodities . It depends on the US market, so normal starts giving movement only after this 6.30 P.M.

Saturday and Sunday is holiday for Mcx Segment . Some of special day commodity market is Open at 5 P.M. And Close at same time .

Conclusion #:-

Commodity is one the best way for trading for those person who have capability to take risk . Mcx Market is more risky as compare to the other market . 

I recommend you to trade in Mcx when you have at least 2 year experience in stock market . 

When you have some experience in Mcx you can earn more then equity market . 
If you have any queries regarding to the what is Commodity  Trading so you can contact me on instagram . 

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