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  • Can I get Profit from stock market?
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  • How to work in stock market? 

Hello friends if you are working in stock market and you have this type of confusion in your mind so don't worry to I will give you full guide about stock market and how we can success. 

People start trading for many of the purpose some of the most popular reasons are :
  •      They want earn money online. 
  •      He want secondary income source. 
  •      He want investment for long term
  •      He want to make reach fast. 
How I can get Profit in stock Market
How I can get Profit in stock Market 

Apart from that there is many reasons so people are doing trading.

So without any delay let's learn how to success in stock market. 

For earning money in stock market for beginners there 10 main thing if follow them you easily earn money from stock market. 

1. Understand the day trading :-

   According to my 3 year experience in stock market intraday trading is not possible for everyone it's required practical knowledge in stock market. 

So for practical knowledge you should do paper trade in market. With paper trade easily you can get practical knowledge. 

Once you get some daily basis Profit in intraday market then move for second stage. 

In second stage your primary duty is to get profit , with keep the investment safe. 

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2. Stock Selection :-

Stock selection is very important to get Profit from intraday market, Because if you don't have knowledge about stock you can't successful in trading . 

In stock selection I recommend to you one thing that many of the trader are using just trade in Nifty 50 stock. 
That stock are less volatile and it's safe for intraday trading. 

Nifty 50 Stocks will give you movement according to the market  so the second benefits is that we can easily make trade,
And get Profit.

3. How to get Profit # :-

It's very important part after all the prosess how we can get return on daily basis. 

There is one slogan for intraday market
              "Go with the flow "

It's mean you can easily understand that is market is going up then you should Buy the Nifty 50 stock and if market is going down so you should sell the stock with small Profit. 
If you follow that thing you can easily generate 1k to 2k daily basis Profit

But if you want more money from INTRADAY  Market so you should start trading in bank nifty because in bank nifty we can get good profit in lower investment.

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4. Minimize losses :-

The Next  important thing is that if you capable to get profit but you can't getting Profit on daily basis so follow that thing . 

  •     Don't wait for big Profit. 
  •     Don't use too much margin
  •     Go with the flow 
 If you follow that thing you can minimize your loss. 

5. Strictly Use Stop Loss (S. L.) :-

Many of the new trader are doing that mistake they are not using stop loss and brearing big loss so if you want to sustant for long time so strictly use stop loss. 

6.Don't panic during loss:-

If you are in the loss so don't panic because one you feel panic you can't take any decision. It can hemmper your all portfolio

7. Follow the Global Market :-

It's sentiment in our Indian trader mind our market is totally follow the global market like that-

     Our morning market is follow the SGX Nifty it's if you are doing trading in morning so keep watch SGX Nifty. 

In afternoon our Indian market follow european market so we can predict stock from european market. 
And also watch American market Asian markets it's will help you to get Profit. 

8. Updation :-

Updation it's mean you should  watch 
News channel , business channel from that you can easily get knowledge and updation of stock market. 

Thanks to give me your valuable time to me if you have any questions you can contact me on instagram .

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