How does stock market Work?

If you are new in stock market and you are
thinking how does stock market Work ? .
So don't worry in this article I Will tell you how does stock market work.

If you just planing to start work in stock market and want to know about so that is good please read full article you well get idea.

People in India do not invest in the stock market, they believe that the stock market is very risky,  but it is not like that if you invest in a right way, then everyone gets the best returns from the stock market.

Only thus person can get profit in stock market they have experience if you are working without experience,so definitely you will be in the loss.

What is stock market #:-

Stock market is place where two persons can buy and sell the stock who is listed on exchange. 

How does Stock market Work #:-

Equity market is work according to the buyer and seller position , if any share there high valume in selling side so share can go down, similar if any share there is high volume in buying side so share can go up . 

So basically there are two type of market. 

1. BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange ) 
2. NSE ( National Stock Exchange ) 

Both the NSE and BSE market are same.  You can thing like NSE And BSE is two shop from  you can purchase share.
The price of stock is approximately same in both market .

How does Stock Market
How does Stock Market Work 

How I can start work in stock market? 

You can easily start work in stock market by opening a Demat account with any broking firm . 

Once your Demat is open then you can invest money in stock market by two way . 

1. Intraday Trading . 

If you will work in intraday trading you can easily earn money and you don't have to wait for long time in one day you have to buy share and same day you can book profit or loss. This is smart way to make money in stock market 

2. Holding (Short term or Long term ) 

This is the second way to invest in stock market you just invest money in any of the stock and hold it for time like 1 month 1year it's depends on you . 
There are many other way to invest money in stock market but for beginners I mainly recommend you just invest in only way because other market are too risk for beginners.

How much money we can earn in one month from stock market#:-

If you are beginner and you are thinging that how much money I can earn in on month so it's totally depend on below thing. 

1. How much investment we have in our Demat . 
2. How much experience we have in stock market . 
3. How much you have capacity to take risk. 
4. In wich strategy you are working in the market. 
5.In wich segment you are doing trading. 

But if you are beginner and if you are investing 20000 in the stock market so approximately you can earn 1000-2000 on Daily basis .

How does stock market work for beginners #:-

It's very important to know how does stock market for beginners. I want to suggest one a good strategy for beginners is that just work on paper trade in start and then work in your demat . 

Beginners work in only 100 or 200 quantity because you can take experience first.

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