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What is Stock Market ? Or Share Market 

  •      What is Stock Market ? 
  •      How Stock Market Work ? 
  •      What is type of Stock Market ? 
  •      How we can earn money from Stock Market ? 
What is stock market, what is share market, www.smartworking1.in

If you have any confusion in any of the above questions so today I will give full guide on What is Stock Market ?

Now a day everyone is taking about Stock Market and also earning lacs of rupes in every month. You also interested to work in stock market but don't know how to start.

What is stock Market ? 

Stock Market , Equity Market and Share Market is the place where we can buy and sell the stock who is listed on stock Exchange. 
Stock market is collection of share they are all the company listed who have big reputation in market.
For example:-
HDFC Bank, Reliance Industry, Tata Group,
This are some large cap stock name.
Everyday new company are listing on stock market.

There is two exchange is available in Indian Stock Market.
       1. NSE (Nation Stock Exchange )
       2. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange )

Stock Market is the collection of all companies who want to raise funds from market. companies issue there share (part of ownership ) in public thrue stock exchange in primary market.

What is stock market, www.smartworking1.in

How does market Work #:-

Every one want to know that how does stock market and in that how I can earn money.

In Stock Market for every buyer there a seller available. And similar for a seller there is a buyer available. Its work on demand and availability , suppose in a stock there is hight buyer then seller so stock can go up and same there higher seller then buyer stock can go down. 

In that strategy stock market Work, so beginners can follow that 
               "Go with the follow"

It's mean if any stock there is high buyer then seller you can buy the stock for INTRADAY. 

What is stock market valume #:-

Stock Valume is means how much buyer and seller is available on stock that's called stock valume . 
For Example :-
                           SBI share have 300 buyer and 400 seller so the valume of the stock is 700.
         Seller+Buyer= Stock valume 

Stock valume is good strategy before purchasing any stock. 

What are Stock Market Indices #:-

Stock Market indices are a group of share of similar industry. They are used to measure the performance of the share. We can use this indices to predict trend of the stock.

Stock indices is very helpful at the time of trading and for stock selection. If stock indices is performing well so according to that we can make position in stock.

For Example:-
Nifty Pharma is one of indices of nifty.
In market timing if nifty Pharmacy is going positive, so we can buy nifty pharma share like Sun pharma, Torent Pharma , Ajanta Pharma .

Buy this way we can take benefits of stock indices and can success in stock market.

Types of stock market :-

There is mainly two type of avaliable in that you can invest and earn money easily . 
1. Primary Market -
2.Secondry market-

What is primary market#:-
Primary is market where issuer(Owner of the company) is issue share first time in stock market. In primary stock is issue through IPO.

Any invester can buy IPO through ASBA account. With that anybody can invest in primary Market.

What so secondary market #-
Secondary Market is place where stock trader between one person to another person. They are running on day to day, we can buy share with any trader. 

Intraday working rule click on the link you will get idea how to work in intraday Market .

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