How to invest in Crude oil in 2020 - Smart Working

In India 20% of people are investing in crude oil , if you don't known how to invest in crude oil in India so today I give you full
How to invest in oil and make Profit in commodity Segment.

Crude oil is part of commodity and there are many trader know this thing commodity is directly running on the Base of U. S. Market .


What is crude oil #:-

Crude is a natural unrefined petrolium product. That unrefined oil is convert into petrol, diesel , gasoline and many other product . There are few countries in the world where crude oil is produced.
There two most popular trade of crude oil WTI and Brent.
In international level crude oil is measure in barrels. There is in over all world India is on second stage to purchase crude.

How to invest in crude oil
Invest in crude oil 

How I can Work in Crude oil #:-


1. Invest in Crude oil stock #:-

That is the best way to invest in crude oil for beginners , there are lots of petrolium company are available who is listed on stock exchange , we can easily do invest our fund in this type of stock.

HPL , BPl are the famous stock in stock market for investing in crude oil .

Both of the company are buy crude oil and then convert in to the petrol, diesel, gasoline.

Crude oil price affect the Indian stock market and also according to the price stock can also give movement so you can esiliye can get Profit.

That's is the benefits of the work in stock of the crude oil.

2. Direct work in commodity #:-

How to invest in crude oil
How to invest in crude oil 

Direct work in commodity it means you can invest fund in future contract. 

That is some risky but if you invest in future contract so esiliye get too much Profit.

It's open on every working day at morning 9 A. M. to 11.30 pm. We can make position anytime between the day.

There is lot size of 100 if you buy 1 lot and you get 50 point is there so your profit will be 5000 in a day .

Direct investment is very volatile so keep proper S.l. That will help you to get continue Profit into market.

3. ETFs (exchange traded funds) #:-

In India there are many mutual fund distributer that invest in crude oil related fund. So its also a path to getting exposure in commodity. Crude ETFs is Based on the crude related stock so indirect way you can get exposure in crude stock through mutual fund distributer.

ETFs is one of best way to invest because you fund will safe in the hand of mutual fund expert distributer . 

Beginners can take benefits of the ETFs investment and can success In stock market. 

Top 3 Commodity ETFs in india #:-
   1. HDFC Gold exchange trader fund 
   2. Uti  gold traded fund. 
   3. Nilpon India Etfs. 

That all about how to invest in crude oil 
As my opinion I will recommend to you please invest in ETFs because there is lower risk with high return. 

If you have any confusion about stock market you can directly contact me. 

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