Stock Trading tips for beginner

Hello friends, 

                If want to start trading or investment in stock market, and you want full guide how to make money from trading so you are on the right place. 

Today in this article I will give you full basic to advance guide about stock market and how can success in stock market. 

You all of know that  today lots of people are doing trading and earning lacs of rupes on daily.

Stock trading tips for beginner,
Stock trading tips for beginner 

How to invest money in share market for beginners #:-

Specially for beginners I will suggest you 7 best tips if you follow that tips,  I am 100% sure you will make money online from trading. 

If you have investment below 50000 , and you want Profit 1000 to 5000 so you can easily get this Profit with this tips

If you don't know what is stock market so please read this post.

1. Set a goal short term or long term#:-

Before the starting work in share market I recommend to you please set a goal , for what you are in the market?  You have to purchase home, you want to pay your EMI
, and other if you have any goal so you can work according to that. 

 If I am sharing my view so I am in the stock market only for purchase a home. 

You also have to set any goal like that it's a good thing by you can success in trading. 

You can decide short goal from trading and long term goal for any investment. 

Once you decide your invest according that so definitely your goal will complete. 

2.  Diversification of investment #:-

It's a very very important part of the trading , if any trader is working in INTRADAY market so they should follow that tips. 

For a Example : You are starting trading with the investment of 50000,that amount you should use in different different sectors like IT , Pharma , Bank , Nifty Stock and many other. 

Once your investment will diversify your risk will automatically reduce, and chance to get profit will increase. 

We can also diversified the investment in different market like Cash, Option and Future. 

It's very important so please follow this recondition. 

3. Do not trade Everyday#:- 

This is also a strategy for trading . We all of know that market is not in over hand it's running totally on buyer and seller. 

Everyday market is not one side it's give movement according to the buyer seller position, so if you are doing trading on everyday so chance of loss is increase. 

According my experience I only trade when market is very good or market is giving one side movement ( Bullish or Bearish ) . 

If any trader is following that strategy so i am sure they are getting daily Profit. 

4. Don't Make Number of Trade #:-

Many of the beginner trader are doing this type of mistake , they are making no. of trade in everyday so please stop it , because if you are making 5-6 in every day so you have to pay brokerage around 2000 to 3000 
It is a nagetive point for any trader . 

In 5 trade if one trade is going negative so your all Profit whatever you get in last 4 trade it will convert in loss and for that day we are on the zero or in the loss. 

So all beginners make only 1 or 2 trade in a day. 

4. Work with proper S.L. (STOP LOSS ) 

In INTRADAY Market always you should follow S. L. All of the experienced trader will also give this suggestion "you should follow S. L. "  if any trader is not follow S. L. So he can lose there all invest withing a minute . 

If you want to stay in the market for a long time so S. L.  Is very important for us . 

In intraday and investment for both S. L. Is good 

5. Time When should buy or sell #:-

Many trader and investors are not follow the time and they are making position when market is open.

 I want to tell special for beginners first 15 to 20 minute just wait and watch. Because morning market is to volatile . Morning market is not safe for beginners. 

Beginners should trade in afternoon market because it is less volatile. Esay to select any stock. 

You can buy or sell according to the nifty and sensex movement. This both are the index of Indian stock market. 

6. Never Stop Lerning #:-

"First learn then earn"  you know that line. So it is also apply in stock market, when you do trading

Never stop learning it mean you have to fully focus on learning. Learning can give you too much Profit in trading. 

Read news paper and watch CNBC Aavaj channel both of the medium is very helpful for a trader. 

From news and channel you can take fundamental news of particular stock so according to news we can make position and easily earn money . 

Apart from this you can follow to your broker and any C. A.  They can also guide you good about stock market. 

7. Book Small Profit #:-

This is last tips and also a important tips as I told you book small Profit. If you are getting Profit more then 20% of your hard investment so you should book it from CMP (current market price ) . 

If you wait for more profit , in between if market goes wrong to your position you have phase loss . 

Many of the trader want to reach in 1 or 2Day and wait for big target , so 90% people are fail in this strategy . 

This are the 7 strategy that is I also following from 2015 . So I also want If you want to start trading so should keep this thing in your mind. 

Nobody is 100% in stock market but if you do with proper manner so you can earn lacs rupes from stock market. 

Technical Analysis of the stock #:-
Technical analysis of the stock is very important. I will give you 2 technical analysis trips that you can follow for analysis.

1. VWAP ( valume waeited average price ) 

In stock market VWAP is a ratio of value traded total valume.
We can see on NSE website any stocks VWAP .
For Example : I want to buy SBIN
Share , currently SBIN share price is going 300 And VWAP is running on 305 so you should buy this stock .
It is not 100% sure it is a prediction strategy that you can also follow .

2. Punch on the Stock #:-

Everyday many stock made a punch of . 90 and . 95 if you are ready to start for trading so you keep this thing. 

For Example :- I want to purchase axis bank share it is running on 445 and already it made high of 446.95. So this is . 95 punch. 
If you want to buy axis bank so your entry point will be 447. 

Thanks to give me your valuable time to me , if you have any questions about this article you direct contact with me. 


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