Bank nifty working rules

                          Bank Nifty 

There we are discussing about bank nifty working rules . It only for the learning purpose , those people who want to start trading in bank nifty with small investment like below 10k and want to earn profit 2-3k on daily basis

BankNifty Working Rule
BankNifty Working Rule 

1. In Bank Nifty Work in At the money call :

If you are working on at money call so there volume is to high we can easily tak advantage of volume and get profit if you are working out the money call so there volume is to low and if we work in in the money call so that premium size is to high 

2. Book Partial Profit :

If you want to do safe trading with small profit so this best option for that type of investor and set the target at buying price 
If following this strategy automatic you can earn consistently profit. 

3. Work For Small Target :

You want to earn return on daily basis safe 
Side so have work for small target because 
In band nifty we can earn 40-50% profit in one day it is enough for mongo man . 

4. Don't Take Pressure :

I seen that many of the new trader are taking pressure market is going up or market is going down and they cut their position so its market , you have to keep passion , if you have passion automatically 
You can earn regular income . 

5. Don't Wait For Big loss or profit :

As I told you if you want to safe earning on 
Regular basis so you don't have to wait for 
Big loss if you wait for big loss one day you have to leave the market 

This all for learning purpose and those people who want to earn safe money from stock market  

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